Technologies applied to business processes

The fourth industrial revolution has permeated all aspects of society, and the corporate world is no exception, since many of the recent technological advances are aimed at improving the performance of companies, their production, marketing , human resources, as well as any other component.

However, many people who are dedicated to creating new companies, as well as making them develop, have not been able to fully understand the improvements in quality of life that the integration of technology has brought about, for this reason, today we will show two ways to arise from this phenomenon.


More reliable medical procedures

Advances in medicine have depended, to a great extent and throughout history, on scientific innovations, as well as field-oriented engineering. For a long time, developing certain medical procedures was quite complex and required the presence of several specialists in order to guarantee success.

Currently, however, the application of technology to the business processes of clinics, hospitals and other medical establishments has resulted in better precision when certain treatments are performed, such as in the case of weight loss surgery Mexico., which, just a few decades ago, were considered invasive procedures but now, with laparoscopes, scalpels, and other more modern devices, can be done leaving almost imperceptible scars.

Similarly, the creation of new drugs and vaccines at a higher rate is an example of how far technology has come within our society, since just as the immunizer against Covid-19 was successfully created in less than a year With the latest inventions, future drugs will have a much shorter development time.


Better industrial production

Another notable business process in which technology is applied is the mass production of products of all kinds, because with the development of robots, automated guided vehicle and other types of machinery capable of performing tasks that a worker usually perform, it has been possible to systematically increase the productivity of companies, especially those that are dedicated to the creation of goods on an industrial scale.

This is due to the fact that the developed inventions have more precision when carrying out the tasks and, in the same way, they can execute them more times in less time, thus increasing the number of units manufactured in a day, in addition, if the machine is not capable of doing some tasks on its own, can be operated by an employee without skilled labor.

As you can see, business processes, regardless of the sector to which the company is oriented, are a field in which technology can be easily applied through physical and digital solutions to existing problems in the company, which, They will guarantee that in the future there are more comforts for the workers, as well as a greater performance in the organization.